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Honeycomb Percolator Bongs

All percolator bongs provide a smoother, more enjoyable smoking experience, because they offer an additional layer of filtration. However, each percolator achieves this goal in its own way, and adds a unique and important aesthetic element to each piece. 

The honeycomb percolator bong is among the best of the elite level bongs. These are extremely efficient perc bongs thanks to their shape, and may have up to 100 holes inside a honeycomb. This plus the flat honeycomb surface offers a really smooth experience and these little discs don’t slow you down at all, fitting right inside the bong tube. Honeycomb percolator are also easy to use in combination with other percs, or stack together. Another bonus: honeycomb percs are beautiful to look at, both themselves as they are structured, and the way they break smoke into millions of tiny little bubbles. The down side to honeycomb bongs is that you have to clean them regularly, but this small drawback is well worth the result. 

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