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Cheap Big Bongs from ShareBongs

  • Monday, 10 January 2022
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Go big or go home. Or go viral in the country with a slew of filtered hits.

The marijuana glass bong, which is over 16 inches tall, is ideal for older smokers who want great success. If you're looking for a King Kong in a big bong at a very low price, you're sure to find the perfect monster for your needs here.

This is why senior tokers love big bongs

Mammoth Hits - If you're looking for a challenge, giant sized hookahs like the Honeycomb Missile Bong or the Quadruple Jellyfish Perc Bong may be the perfect way to test your limits, or take your smoking to the next level.

Get stunned faster - just a hit from one of these bad boys might be enough.

Impress your friends - they'll go crazy when they see the size of your new glass bong, even when you hit it.

A big bong will add some unique style to your home or chilly den and let people know who they are dealing with.

Features to consider when buying a giant bong

Filters - Since these slits are so large, filtering can make smoking more comfortable. A water filter ensures that you still get a ton of hits, but not a cough.

Ice Trap - Cooling down those giant rips also helps make the experience cooler (no pun intended).

Built-in down rod - On a bong, a built-in down rod can make it easier to use, especially if you have shorter arms.

Detachable Down Rod - The removable down rod makes the bong slightly easier to clean and if you break or lose it they are easy and cheap to replace.

The Best Big Bongs for Sale Online

Witcher Staff Bong - Wearing dual matrix filters and ice traps this 18" big Bong is perfect if you're looking for lots of filtered hits but you can still take you to your next sesh.

Sestina Bong - 6 honeycomb water filter and 24 inches, this straight shooter will get you zooted and most likely level you. It's also easy to clean as it has a clean bottom despite its bulk.

Honeycomb Missile Bong - One of our largest Bongs, the Honeycomb Missile at 35 inches features 5 honeycomb percs and an ice catcher, so grab your ice cube tray and you'll be using the whole thing!

Big bongs for sale

If you're looking for a big glass bong, you can stop by our online headshop while you're binge-watching Rick and Morty bongs for the third time on the comfy sofa. We have glass bongs that are 16-35 inches tall! It's the size of a kid, so be prepared, as one hits, no doubt gives your couch lock, so grab a glass of water and prep snacks ahead of time!

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