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How to Buy a Glass Bong Smarter

  • Monday, 10 January 2022
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From an early age, we know that size matters. Muscular actors always win girls' hearts in movies, and in Little League, stronger kids always hit home runs.

But does the size of your glass bong, hose and bubbler really matter when we're enjoying what Mother Nature has so generously provided us? A bong is a bong, right? Is the quality of a plant better than your glass bong Is small, medium or large more important?

The answer, of course, is that the size of the glass bong for sale matters! But that doesn't mean big bongs mean a bigger and better trip to Stonetown. This means that each glass bong is different in size and design features, and these will determine the type of experience you have.

So what makes each glass bong so different? Check out this buyer's guide for all you need to know about bongs so you can get the most out of your cannabis experience:

Mini Bongs

Klein Recycler Torus Glass Mini Bong - in ShareBongs, mini bong sizes are 8 inches or smaller. This means they are portable and generally less expensive to maintain. However, you have a wide variety of styles, colors and add-ons to choose from. One of our most reviewed and top rated Mini Bongs, the Klein Recycler Torus Glass Mini Bong for sale stands at 6.7 inches, but its red hue attracts all kinds of attention!

Shape - They are often too small to have multiple chambers and tubes, but mini bongs can still pack a punch. The stock ShareBongs is available in a variety of colors, bases and designs.

Finger carbs vs regular synovial carbs - it's up to personal preference. Finger carbs are similar to what you see on mini bubbler pipes and spoon pipes, you simply press your finger against a hole to control smoke levels. A slide means you take the bowl out of the glass bong (when in bong, it slides into a called, ironically, a joint).

Big Bongs

Size - These usually clock in at 16+ inches, at least on the ShareBongs. Because of their size, consumers have more choice in shape and function. The 19" Knot Straight Shooter is available here with black and yellow shade accents, making it the perfect gift for Pittsburgh sports fans in your life!

Shape - Many big bongs for sale have a large chamber, or two small chambers, connected by a tube. Either way, they're designed to provide a cleaner, cooler temperature filtered smoke (making it smoother down your throat). Ice clips are protrusions in the room where you can place ice cubes to further cool the smoke. The filter uses a mix of airflow and water to further cool the smoke.

Bowl + Joint- You'll be loading bowls, which you've obviously done before, if you've gone deep into a blog about glass bong. The bowl slides into a joint, with male and female joints. Males have thinner joints, while females have wider joints. Accessories or add-ons should be the opposite gender of your joints.

Bong Variations

The shape of mini bongs and big bongs for sale are also different. Check out this short list to learn more about there:

Straight shooter - basic, no fluff. The smoke flows from the bowl, down the stem, and through the cavity into your lips. No extras, no extras, nothing. Straight pipe bongs like these are easy to clean, making them a good starting bong.

Multi-chamber - Each chamber further filters and cools the smoke, and the chambers are connected by ducts, which also cool and filter the smoke. While novices may not have enough lung capacity to hit big hits, these will at least give them a smoother experience.

Reclaimer - A multi-chamber glass bong, the reclaimer adds to the fun of the foam, which brings out the natural flavor of your plants.

Water Filter - Water filter bongs feature tiny holes to create more air bubbles and a smoother blow.

Ready to start shopping? All ShareBongs's are available in all types, shapes and sizes, and many of them are also on sale, so check them out today!

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