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How to Identify an 18mm Female Joint Bong

  • Monday, 07 March 2022
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How to Identify an 18mm Female Joint Bong

If you're looking to buy a bong, you might be wondering if there are any available for female users.18mm female joint bong If so, it's important to know what size they are. You can identify a bong's gender by using the dime method. If you prefer a male-only experience, you can change to a female bong by changing the glass adapter. Here are some tips for identifying a bong's gender:

A common way to determine a bong's joint size is to take a penny and put it on the bong. The 18mm female joint will slide into a 14mm female joint and vice versa. A pennies' width is exactly the same as a penny, so you can use this to determine the size of the bong you want to buy. Also, you can buy a smaller male joint if you prefer a female version.

A smaller female bong is usually made with a 10mm joint. The male end will slide into the female end, and the female end will fit into the male joint. It's important to note that the joints on both the male and female joints are the same size. This will prevent you from buying a bong with parts that are too big for the gender of the user. You can purchase a female joint bong that matches the size of your male bong accessories.

To measure the size of the glass joints, try slipping a penny. The 18mm female joint will slide into a 14mm male joint, and vice versa. The male joint will slide into a smaller female one. The other way is to use a penny and make sure that both the male and female joint are the same size. The size of the male joint will not affect the size of the female part.

There are a number of ways to measure the size of a bong's female joints. One of the easiest ways is to insert a dime into the 18mm female joint. The male joint will slide into a 14mm male joint. The same is true for the size of the female joint. For example, a 14mm female joint can fit into an 18mm male bone. If the two joints are the same, you will not need to worry about leaking the glass.

An 18mm female joint bong is generally the same size as a 14mm male joint. Its diameter should be less than half an inch, but it should be bigger than the male. The female joint is usually more sensitive than the male one. The difference in size is also important for the sex of the smoker. If you're a woman, make sure the female bong you buy has the same gender as the male.

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