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The Spinning Perc Dab Rig

  • Monday, 14 February 2022
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The Spinning Perc Dab Rig

A spinning perc dab rig is one of the best ways to vaporize cannabis. A small chamber stores the vapor in the mouthpiece for big, powerful hits. But this dab rig isn't just about capturing the vapor. Its stunning appearance is also its primary draw. The fumed glass is patterned to look like the colors of the sunset, while its carefully crafted shape makes it an eye-catcher.

It features a beautifully crafted, 3mm glass wall that accommodates a DNA perc. The double helix spins rapidly while the smoke and air travel up through the holes. The tree of life perc, which is a beautiful design, is at the top of the rig, and its lower perc is encased in the water pipe base. The addition of water makes this dab rig more stable.

The lower perc is placed inside a water pipe base. The rig's glass walls are 3mm thick, and its DNA spins on a glass hinge. The smoke and air pass through the holes and up the elongated DNA. The tree of life perc is a gorgeous, intricate piece of glass. The two percs are interconnected to create a stacked hit that's smooth, powerful, and delicious.

The DNA perc is a beautiful piece of glass with intricate designs. The DNA rig spins rapidly as smoke and air travel up through the holes. The Tree of Life Perc is a highly detailed and delicately molded piece of glass. The tree of life is housed within the base of the water pipe. The water added to the pipe makes the rig more stable. If you're looking for a rig that looks great, the Double Helix Dab Rig is a great choice.

The Double Helix Dab Rig is a beautifully crafted piece of glass. Its DNA spins on a hinge and is held in place by 3mm glass walls. The Double Helix Dab Rig has a tree of life perc and two holes on its base. A rotating perc is an excellent way to smoke a concentrate. A flower bowl accessory can be added to the base to make the dab rig even more stable.

The Double Helix Dab Rig is a beautiful piece of glass. Its DNA perc is a beautiful, intricately designed piece of glass. The MJ Arsenal Mini Rig has a low water line, so you can taste the dab while you smoke it. A spinning perc dab rig is one of the best options for smoking dab. With its large hole, it will hold up to ten grams of concentrate.

The Double Helix is a classic spinning perc dab rig. It has a large rim, which allows you to use more water than the standard glass perc. It also filters smoke and delivers a cool, smooth hit. Its bulged glass gives it a sophisticated look. Its extra thick foot provides a solid grip when you're in the mood for a smoke. Aside from the stylish design, the Double Helix has a variety of different accessories that make it unique.

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