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The Splasher Double Matrix Perc Water Pipe

  • Thursday, 10 March 2022
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The Splasher Double Matrix Perc Water Pipe

The Splasher Double Matrix Perc Water Pipe has a unique ice pinch and a splash guard.double matrix perc straight Its layered design makes for a smooth smoke, and the three prong ice pinch allows users to fill the chamber with ice for a more mellow smoking experience. The angled mouthpiece also prevents water from entering the mouthpiece. A wide, fourteen-inch straight tube offers a classic bong look and feel.

The Heizman by Diamond Glass is a tall, elegant water pipe.double matrix perc straight The elongated stem pulls smoke through the first matrix chamber. The second twin percolator then filtration takes place. The dual percolator system makes it easy to clean, and the curved stem prevents splash back. The included 14mm female joint features a reversible pattern to accommodate dabbing. With the dual chamber design, the MK100 is sure to make your smoking session more enjoyable.

The Heizman by Diamond Glass comes with two matrix percolators.double matrix perc straight The first is a regular, double-perc system. The second is a gridded matrix perc. Both percs are made of fire-polished glass and are very effective in cooling smoke. A dual-perc set is easier to clean and more durable than a tree perc. They come with a 14mm female joint and a matching 14mm male bowl.

The Heizman by Diamond Glass comes with a 16-inch straight percolator.double matrix perc straight The first matrix perc works as a divider between the two chambers. The second is the gridded matrix showerhead. Each is fine-cut and fire-polished. It is available in both straight and curved shapes. Both come with a standard 14mm female joint. The Gridded Matrix by Diamond Glass is a classic and reversible model, but it is the most popular option for those who prefer a larger size or a different shape for their smoke.

The Heizman by Diamond Glass has a 14mm female joint and two matrix percs. Its dual chamber design has a gridded matrix in the center and is 16 inches tall. Its curved stem prevents splash back and is easier to clean than a tree perc. A male bowl is included. One can use the heater with either a single or dual matrix perc. If you want to use the matrix perc, you can buy an extra one to fit in your home.

The Double Matrix Perc Bong is a beautiful and sophisticated design that allows you to enjoy the smoothness of the smoke. The two radially symmetric matrix percs are easy to clean and make smoking a much smoother experience. A curved tube also prevents splashback. A reversible joint allows you to enjoy your smoke without spilling it. With a little bit of care, your double Matrix Bong will last for many years.

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